Phenolic resins and
phenolic moulding compounds

Phenolic resins have been known since 1907, when the first synthetic compound was produced. It enabled mankind to make unprecedented progress and opened the door to countless innovations that have made life as we know it today possible.

Phenolic resins protect our homes from cold, heat, moisture, noise and mildew. They enable lower energy consumption, mobility in transport, food production in non-traditional environments and the sustainable use of renewable resources. Phenolic resins are also used in the metal industry and in the electrification of modern society. They are all around us and are involved in all levels of our lives.

Sustainability and ecology
hand in hand

At Fenolit d.d., we follow and implement a business policy whose most important guiding principle and mission is ecologically clean technological processes and care for the environment.

With the development of our line of phenolic resins, we have applied new technology by increasing the proportion of natural raw materials, replacing fossil raw materials with sustainable ones and further contributing to better environmental performance.

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