Phenolic resins for the felt industry

Phenolic resins for the felt industry

Phenolic resin-bonded felt based on natural fiber (cotton, flax, jute, etc.) and synthetic fiber is widely used in the automotive, household appliance and construction industries.

These products are used for thermal and acoustic insulation, climate control, vibration absorption or support in the form of carpets, sandwich structures and/or rigid decorative parts.

Felt is a combination of recycled fibers, mainly cotton and/or locally available fibers, with powdered thermosetting resins – mainly phenolic resins. Phenolic resins offer the best compromise in terms of performance/price ratio in use. Finely ground phenolic resins, typically based on phenolic novolak and hexamine, and modified phenolic resins with flame retardants, are used as binders for textile and natural fiber felts. Good quality in all aspects enables our customers to achieve their economic and ecological objectives and ensures the competitiveness of their products on the market.

We are always ready to adapt our products to the production parameters and requirements of our customers in order to meet strict economic and ecological requirements.


Our binders contain extremely low levels of free monomers and low emissions. We can also guarantee our customers very low dust levels in production due to special treatment with anti-dusting agents and good processing properties due to the addition of special lubricants.