Ecologically clean technological processes
and care for the environment

Fenolit d.d. firmly believes in a fact-based sustainability approach, fully integrated into the business plan, where sustainability and the use of sustainable raw materials are key.

By developing a line of phenolic resins with new technology, we are contributing to better environmental performance by increasing the proportion of natural raw materials, where we have replaced fossil raw materials with sustainable ones.

Innovation and sustainability are the main driving forces behind Fenolit. Our R&D department focuses on research into sustainable raw materials and on efforts to increase their use. In partnership with universities and research institutes, we have developed more sustainable phenolic resins.

Fenolite always takes actions that benefit the environment and its customers and supports its customers in meeting their sustainability challenges. Fenolite provides more value to our customers’ projects and products without compromising on quality and performance.


Sustainability and ecology hand in hand

We have introduced modern analytical methods and analytical instrumentation and laboratories, with which we operate the cleaning devices. In order to keep the concern for the environment on a high level, we have employed highly professional personnel.

In the end, we would like to point out that both the management and the employees share a high level of environmental culture and that we achieve excellent results. All our ecological aspiration, results and investments prove that the company’s attitude toward our natural environment is positive and responsible.