Phenolic moulding compounds

Phenolic Moulding Compounds

Phenolic Moulding Compound is a well known thermosetting material.

At a relative low cost this material could provide:

  • High dimension stability at elevate temperature
  • electrical insulation
  • flammability resistance
  • reliable long term use under chemical condition
  • surface hardness and brilliant aesthetics

The processing steps for thermosets are as follows:
-Injection moulding,
-Injection-compression moulding,
-Compression moulding,
-Transfer moulding
Our compounds are suitable for all processes.

Main Application:

  • cookware: handles and knobs
  • household items: vacuum cleaner parts, toaster parts, iron handles etc.
  • electrical : switches plugs, breaker case, fuse holders, sockets, connectors
  • automotive: ashtray , seats, belts components, brake transmission, commutators

We adapt our phenolic moulding compounds to the needs, requirements and wishes of our customers.