Phenolic resins for the wood industry

Phenolic resins for the wood industry

Synthetic resin-bonded wood materials such as particleboard, plywood, OSB, fiberboard are increasingly replacing solid wood. The production of such wood materials also makes it possible to use less valuable wood types and recycled wood economically.

Several types of adhesives and combinations of adhesives are used in the production of wood composites. The choice of adhesive depends on the required properties of the wood products. For exterior use, phenolic resins are mainly used due to their good weather resistance

Fenolit d.d. develops a wide range of products for the wood industry. We value close cooperation with our customers in order to create tailor-made solutions.

Our product range includes phenolic resins for plywood, particleboard (standard and continuous process), fiberboard, resins for impregnated and pressed wood materials, resins for paper impregnation, surface films for veneer bonding.

Fenolit liquid and powder resins for the wood processing industry are also available with customised characteristics or properties.

Existing formulations can be adapted to customer requirements (viscosity, reactivity, etc.).