Phenolic resins for coated proppants (well stimulation)

Phenolic resins for coated proppants (well stimulation)

Well stimulation materials are getting more and more important every year as new, deeper wells are dug and old wells are pressed into further service. Demand for manufactured proppants (sand suspended in fluid and used in hydraulic fracturing – fracking to keep fissures open) is growing fueled by traditional uses in shallower wells (where raw frac sand proppants are used), and in deep over-pressured tight gas sands where well stimulation is taking place at depths too great for un-coated sand, but where cost considerations make coated sand more attractive than ceramic proppants.

Fenolit entered the proppant/well stimulation market for the first time in 1995 and since then has developed several products for the industry.

Products developed for the proppant market are meeting the special needs of our customers who are seeking to increase production from existing wells and are also drilling deeper to explore tighter reservoirs. With the development of hydraulic fracturing and high-strength manufactured proppants, all that became possible.

It is in helping to achieve our customers’ goals through our own innovation and know-how that Fenolit prides itself; and it is upon that foundation that we will continue to build our phenolic resin offerings for use in well stimulation.