Fenolit d.d.


FENOLIT d.d, Borovnica, Slovenia is a company with more than 65 years of tradition in the field of manufacturing of synthetic materials, adhesives and resins. We are a fast growing Slovenian company dedicated to production of phenolic resins and phenolic molding compounds. By investing in development and technology, process knowledge and automation of production, we are building innovative, high-quality products. The company is internationally renowned for its innovation, which creates most of its turnover through sales to the EU and US markets. We are members of the European Association of Phenolic Resins Manufacturers (EPRA) and the World Association of Phenolic Resins (GPRA).

We are ready to cooperate and strengthen with prospective, motivated and educated personnel in all technical business segments, especially related to the chemical profession profiles (chemists, chemical engineers, chemical technology engineers, chemistry technologists and similar experts in the field of chemical profession) and also in the areas of :


The operational excellence and excellence of production operations is crucial for FENOLIT d.d.. In the industry in which we work and in its technical work, the professionalism of an individual comes first. Fenolit operates in a relatively specific industry where special skills, that can be obtained only through experience, are required.

Company Fenolit d.d. is export-oriented, since over 85% of sales are realized on foreign markets, predominantly in the European market. The existing organization of the company enables the production of products with higher added value, and it should be emphasized that, with the exceeded € 34 million realized sales in 2016, the added value per employee amounted to approximately € 67,440. In 2018, the revenues from sales exceeded 44 million €.

The key in achieving our future goals is the employment of highly motivated and educated personnel in the area of production of the company in the field of chemistry. Experts from our field of work, both workers and development technologists, process technologists, cannot be acquired on the labor market itself due to the specifics of knowledge, therefore educated and motivated individuals will in practice, go through internal education and training, to obtain necessary knowledge and skills to support future development of our business.

We would be pleased to receive application from potential candidates, that would be willing to move permanently to live and work in Slovenia. We offer competitive pay for individual technical position with prospects for further personal as well as professional growth. Health, pension and other social security benefits are part of the salary package. We will facilitate and support application for working visa as well as other potentially required administrative necessities.

If you consider yourself to be responsible, reliable, open minded and open to creating and realizing new business opportunities, have no health restrictions and criminal record, have a B category driver's license, high school or higher level of education in chemical, other natural science studies, technical sciences studies etc., you're welcome to send us your CV. Interviews with candidates will be carried out individually.

Working time: full time (40hr / week). The work is done in one or three shifts, depending on the workplace.

Please send job applications and CV with your contact details and proof of attained education level to:

email : zaposlitev@fenolit.si

mail : FENOLIT d.d., Breg pri Borovnici 22 a, 1353 Borovnica, Slovenia

or contact us by phone (+386 1 363 81 45).

Fenolit d.d. is located in Borovnica (near Vrhnika), which is approx. 25 minutes outside of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. Slovenia is one of the safest EU member states, member of the Eurozone, part of Schengen area, that leaves a lasting impression on each visitor from its natural beauties, versatility, proximity, lifestyle and living. As Slovenian language belongs to the Slavic group of languages, it is relatively fast and easy to learn Slovenian language if one’s native language belongs to the Slavic group. English language is spoken everywhere in Slovenia therefore one should not face any language barriers at any given time.