Fenolit d.d.

Protection of the environment

In the Fenolit d.d. company we are leading and executing such a business policy, according to which the main concern and goal is the protection of the environment and purity of the technological process.

The most important approach in the execution of our business is the prevention of all kinds of effects on the environment. We have ensured effective ecologically clean technological procedures, which work in enclosed and hermetic systems, so that harmful effects on the environment are non-existent. We have introduced modern analytical methods and analytical instrumentation and laboratories, with which we operate the cleaning devices. In order to keep the concern for the environment on a high level, we have employed highly professional personnel.

We implement all legislative demands concerning the environment. In order to increase our environmental efficiency, the management and the employees set measurable goals to achieve while performing the process of constant improvements in the field of environmental protection.

In the end, we would like to point out that both the management and the employees share a high level of environmental culture and that we achieve excellent results. All our ecological aspiration, results and investments prove that the company's attitude toward our natural environment is positive and responsible.