Fenolit d.d.

Company Description

The company Fenolit was established in 1953 as a public company producing phenolic molding compounds.

The development of the industry and its demands for new materials stimulated fast growing production and extension of a production program. In 1963 the company built a new plant. One year later the company placed a new reactor for production of phenol based synthetic glues and resins, and expanded its activity to todays extent.

From 1970 to 1989 Fenolit was a part of the company Donit. Between 1989 and 1995 Fenolit was managing its business as an independent public company. After a successful privatisation in 1995, Fenolit became a shareholding company.

Today Fenolit d.d. is a modern company that employs 110 workers. The production of:

  • "RESINS" with capacity of 50.000 tons of different types of resins
  • "PHENOLIC MOULDING COMPOUND" with capacity of 6.000 tons of different phenolic moulding compounds

The company’s annual turnover is over 28 million €. Approx. 80 % income is earned by exports to EU and USA.

Fenolit is located near Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Our concern for the environment is an important part of every long - term investment decisions as well as for short - term decisions about new products, new production procedures and technologies.

The Department for environmental protection employs the team of specialists who uses up to date technologies and methods for recording and reducing different impacts on the environment.